After Jabberwocky, The Desert, May ’20

Were an errant wind to blow
Down a scaping rag and bluffer
Your twin ‘ttached poles up kingdom come 
Thereby to escarp your virgin (undeflowered)
Holdfast and profit, -

If such a gust should contravene,
‘Gainst all contrariwise indications and plans,
Laid best as they may be,
And, knowing you, I know how bestly they may be -

Then wouldn’t you stand, nay, kneel
Blueberried, crumbling a compote, insufficient,
Unresolved and destitute!

Let it then be that such a sail comes to pass,
And assume your destitution as a given of the problem,
Then I only pretend to offer unto the community 
Of investigators, the Pythagoreans and Donglin fellas,
A new loop in the tool belt. 

I as mere, prostrating, supplicant and detestable
Agent of a reputablest brokerage offer 
To you Swiss Guards in a hostile mob, I bring with me
Germs to scour the continent of risk. 

My man, it’s the naturalest link between us,
Though you and I may never have broken bread
At the wedding of your niece, some fragrant princess,
By the dendritic alchemy landed upon
By another palace’s wizard, who cares,
We can get to an understanding. We can
Mutually profit, symbiote, both remoras
On the back of this great shark called 

Sing it with me now!

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