Treefall, King’s Canyon, CA, Sep ’19

Treefall came duskly, and with it, adjustment like
The reading of a will.
Nature deeded the grasses prerogative,
And pioneer mosses gathered upon one flank, there to sow in fallow flesh.
The waters of allocation flowed to increasing size, by their love inviting the beetles
An examination, and boring, then the quails who found gaps
To swaddle their young. A bolster of marmots
Erected a hollow, and elk signed grazing rights
In annuity. What's funny is that man shuffled elsewhere,
Unaware. At treefall, Attila sacked Rome and drove home chortling.
Nature set a watchman, who attended an empty proceedings peevishly,
And fifteen centuries later received the latecomers,
Who bore axes and allowed grins to spread over Dirtied profiles.
The watchman relieved, the men unperceived tackled the corpse
In bare awareness of their ethical non-place, and
Hollowed out their cosignatories. What's more,
They did not stop there.

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